Meet Lynne, shes in charge of everything financial, she keep us all supported and ensures we can cover all the costs for all the fabulous ideas our members come up with.

“I just love everything about Autism Matters, why not I helped create it. Autism has been part of my life forever as I have personal connections with Autism, I have an Autistic Daughter. I just love supporting & working with all our members & brilliant staff.”

“I admire all the Adults who come through our service, for most it is a difficult decision to allow someone else into their world, but WOW what a privilege. To see someone develop and gain trust with others, and to be part of that is just amazing, I feel very lucky to be doing something that I love. It’s more than just a job. I would definitely say that Anna Taylor our CEO who is also one of my most trusted friends, inspires me with her creativity each and every day. When I met Anna many many years ago little did I know that I had met such a special person who I hope is in my life for ever.

Lynne was always terrified of dogs, until her Autistic daughter wanted one, now she has a dog called Ted and loves dogs!

Favourite Films? Mamma Mia, Pretty Woman, Twilight Saga