How do I join?

You can contact us on the contact us page, call or email us.
We usually arrange a suitable time to have a virtual or home visit with you to discuss you joining and give you more details about us.

How can I make a referral for someone I support?

If you contact us via email you can refer your son/daughter or client.
Please make sure you have their permission to do so.

Are staff and volunteers criminal records checked?

All our staff have an enhanced DBS.

Can I get transport?

The session cost can include transport if there are places available and you are within our locality. Outlying areas may incur additional transport costs.

Do I need my own support worker?

You do not need to bring additional support with you, we assess your needs before you join and together we plan the best way to support you.

Do you have a centre you meet at?

Not yet, we meet out in the community

How much does it cost?

Our current costs are £56 a session, unless stated differently on our booking form. You can self fund, or if you have an assessed need you can access social care funding. Most people use their direct payments to access.

What activities do you do?

All our activities for the social group sessions are usually suggested by our members. We facilitate the sessions. You can check our Facebook page for our latest sessions, which have includes sporting activities, shows, music, hobbies, meals, cinema, karaoke, museums, theme parks, etc. Once you’ve joined, you will be added as a member, where you will have access to all the activities in our members area on our website.

What age do you go up to?

We start at 18 and don’t have an upper age limit. However most of our members are in their 20’s and 30’s.

What days are you open?

We run our groups every Wednesday and Sunday.

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