AM launch their very own podcast!

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Lockdown left us with a few challenges, as it did for most of the world. So thinking about new ways to keep us all connected, our members devised a cunning plan. We did zoom,meet, teams and video calls, all fabulous ways to keep us together, but some prefered to be less visual, and kept their videos off. That got us thinking????

What if there was a way to do audio only, well we didn’t have to invent it, it already exists.

Podcast was the obvious solution. A great way to say what you need to say, without having the added anxiety of being visual. That appealed to many of our members. So off we went to find out more….

After speaking to a lovely contact at the BBC, and doing a few podcast challenges on Facebook, we came up with our very own podcast. Our members chose the title, Autism is our Superpower!

We are currently recording and editing our first few episodes, with a plan to launch in late March.

Watch this space…….

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