Making a positive difference for Autistic adults, the environment and our growing charity.

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Its been a busy year so far here at AM HQ. 

Where do I start!

We have delivered our first abroad short break of the year, to Feurtaventura, in the Canary Islands. The weather was very pleasant and we picked the most amazing beach location, right next to a town, and close enough to the airport to do a bit of plane spotting.

Our 4 staff worked their socks off to ensure our 8 members all had a holiday they loved. 

Also last month we had our annual inspection from Middlesbrough Borough Council, and had some amazing feedback about our work and the range of services we provide. I’m pleased to say everything was in order, and we had some fabulous guidance on what we could do to be even better than we already are!

Our work continues with reducing our carbon footprint, and being more sustainable, healthier and increasing ours and our members longevity. This is a very long term plan…. The small steps we are making now will have a big impact on the generations to come. We are partnering up with local organisations to start work on less food waste, recycling waste, growing our own food, recycling books, vinyls, dvds, tech and games in our new shop location next door to HQ. We already recycle clothes and shoes in our Betty bin.

Our Autism Angels shop is progressing nicely next door to HQ

We are also very excited to be expanding our team, and are advertising for a new 20 hour admin post. A dynamic, happy individual to join our ever growing team, to support all the services, HR and Finance functions. 

Links to apply will be on our Recruitment page and our Facebook page very soon.

As we grow into 2024, we continue to provide more social groups, more 1:1 PA support, more short breaks and more Autism Angels support days and spaces available.

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Making a positive difference for Autistic adults, the environment and our growing charity.

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