Autism Matters on a mission to help autistic adults UK wide!

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Our CEO, Anna Taylor was recently featured in Yours magazine. Our aim with this article is to impact more lives. Thanks to this amazing publicity our phone lines are ringing off the hook! We are taking calls from Autistic adults across the UK.

Adults are telling us they are so isolated, and anxiety levels are high. Our conversations are about getting the right support, or advocacy. One adult diagnosed in her 50’s loves animals, and all she wants is a cat, but her residential home doesn’t allow them! Another man has no friends, and due to the current pandemic has not connected with ANYONE in almost a year….

So we are launching our social connections Zoom sessions UK wide.

These LIFE CHANGING sessions take you from isolation to belonging, connecting people and helping to form new life long friendships.Building a network of Autistic adults to give life meaning. We aim to help you get your life back, gain control of your destiny. Inspiring you to find your purpose and own who you are.

Our membership to this exclusive autistic adult group launches soon.

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