What a lovely surprise!

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Autism Matters teamed up with Goodwill catering to deliver a lovely graze box for each and every member of Autism Matters and their staff team. The members got such a lovely surprise when Leanne, Joanne and Alex turned up on their doorsteps with a huge box of freshly prepared snacks.

Anna Taylor and Lynne McLaren, who had planned the treat for all members, were delighted with the responses from everyone. Lynne said “We are very aware many of our members have had a really hard year, and we wanted to do something for them to boost their morale.” Anna stated that ” Our staff have all gone above and beyond this year for us, we are all needing a pick me up as we are emerging from lock-down. We think this is such a lovely idea, and has really cheered everyone up”


To enquire about joining us as a member please use the contact page. Or if you would like to be part of our team, check out the vacancies page.

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